Employee monitoring is a common practice followed in most of the companies nowadays. This practice has become an essential feature of the company principles and procedures and it is been followed in an ethical manner. With increasing swindle in many places, employee monitoring has become an inevitable measure that has to be taken to safeguard the interests of the company as well as the employee.

Each company has its own reasons to monitor their employees and it differs according to the type of business they carry out. In companies wherein the employees are located at a particular place, video surveillance or surveillance software for systems might be used but for employees whose job mostly includes travelling, GPRS tracking and other location tracking devices would be preferred. Likewise with varying type of business, the option for employee monitoring software and devices also extend widely.

Online Monitoring:

Out of all the types of monitoring,Free keylogger online monitoring is gaining major momentum nowadays. It is due to the fact that all the employees have access to the Internet and social media sites. It has become almost impossible to deal any task without the help of Internet. This has also led to many issues in the workplace. The Internet has an equal share of boons and banes. It is up to us that we see to that they are used for productive tasks.

Reasons for Monitoring Employee Online Activity:

There is a strong need and reason to monitor an employee’s online activity. The fact that Internet has become a part and parcel of everyday work does not mean that the risks attached to them can be easily brushed aside. It is certain that employees should be monitored and below are strong justifications for doing so.

  • Safety of Official Data:

Employee monitoring is not to bring down the time wasted, but also to ensure that a constant watch is kept over the Internet usage of the employees and to prevent the leakage of confidential files and folders of the company. In certain types of business like the financial sector such leakage or inappropriate usage of data might lead to heavy financial loss.

  • To maintain a professional environment:

Employees might tend to use the Internet for unethical purposes, when they have a lot of time to spare. As said, an idle mind is a place where all evil thoughts and desires root. So in order to avoid such untoward behaviors and maintain a professional and ethical environment it is important that the online activities of employees are monitored.

  • To ensure productivity:

Social media activities are one thing, which will eat away time in a tremendously fast manner. U will never know how fast the time flies. These types of chitchats at work will definitely lower the productivity of the organization. Proper monitoring mechanisms will increase the productivity levels.

  • Restricting Illegal Data Access:

Big companies and organizations are targets of hacker for stealing official data and employee’s database. When proper safety and security mechanisms and firewalls are put to use these illegal access to company data can be prevented to a large extent.

  • Curb Unwanted Downloads:

When free Internet access is provided to employees there are chances of them downloading content from the Internet, which might prove to be unethical or illegal. So when restrictions are laid down for access and download of such stuffs, a lot of legal implications might be avoided.

  • To prevent Virus:

Proper Monitoring mechanisms not only aid in the betterment of work environment and work Quality but also help in finding out any discrepancies and possible virus attack which might corrupt the company’s software and hardware systems. A lot of security software’s are available that prevent the entry of virus into the systems.

Apart from these common causes, there are a lot of day-to-day activities that might be disciplined by implementing proper employee monitoring practices in the organization. A number of unwanted employee clashes and misbehaviors can be eradicated when employee monitoring is done during work hours. The amount of quality time wasted can also be cut down and the company’s productivity can be improved.

The very thought that their activities are monitored, makes the employees concentrate on their work and to stay away from unwanted practices. This creates a healthy, disciplined and ethical work environment.